I was born in Miami where my passion for film and the fine arts was definitely influenced by my mothers work as prominent film actress and recording artist. I was surrounded by stories and music throughout my childhood and my love for them grew as it pushed me to receive an MFA in Media Arts/Filmmaking from the University of Montana. During the graduate three year program, I was chosen to work for Viacom in NYC for a semester as an editor/motion designer between MTV, VH-1 and Nickelodeon.

After completing graduate school I found work on a television pilot for Nickelodeon and moved to Los Angeles. My love of this craft and passion to push myself has allowed me to enjoy LA for 15 years.  Throughout that time I’ve completed edits on 5 feature films, countless shorts, sizzles, commercials, trailers and had the pleasure of working with some of the best directors, agencies and post houses in the business. I love what I do! Being able to weave images together and tell a story is why I sit in a dark room all day.

I’m passionate about my craft and put my everything into every project I collaborate on. When I’m not working for studios, agencies and directors in film, broadcast, and online, I edit/produce content from my own studio, GansMEDIA. I am open to all paid projects and positions in my area, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments. 


“The biggest asset to theScore and myself was Alex’s ability to take care of all our Pre-Production, Production and Post Production needs in the Los Angeles area, as we are a Toronto based company, often times on a moments notice.”

Chris Barrow
The Score

“I hired Alex for a production job where I needed him to find a very particular location and secure an entire crew. Alex was nothing short of relentless in his efforts to satisfy the needs of our end client. This was a difficult task, given the location and budget constraints. Alex worked around the clock to ensure that everything related our shoot would be as professional and buttoned up as possible.

Being out of state, I put a lot of trust in his ability to pull this off and I can honestly say that he nailed it. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of production services in LA!”

Adam Levine
All Things Media

“Alex is a super detailed media creator……….I would recommend him to everyone.”

Rick Olson
Olson Visual

“Alex is a talented and hard working guy – a real plus to have in your corner and on the team, but can operate in solo mode and still deliver. He is a creative force without drama or hot wind, just results.”

Joe Gill
Mark Woollen & Associates

“I love Film Editors!  If they’re good that is and when I was in a time crunch on my last film, “Ginny” (a documentary on the widow of Henry Mancini) I knew from our last project together, “Gottfried Helnwein and the Dreaming Child” Alex could do it.  Alex listens carefully to the director, he’s quick, creative, attentive to detail and most importantly stays with the story line.  No question he makes me look good…and our films are very good!  Yes, he is officially my one and only Film Editor for all future projects”

Lisa Colburn
Red Fire Films

“Besides being a consummate professional, Alex is a joy to work with. He offers an expert opinion of story-boarding concepts and is knowledgeable of ways to best capture the essence of whatever is being filmed.

April Moore
Cedars Sinai

“Alex is a very knowledgeable and creative editor. He’s a good guy to know.”

Richard Levine


Please contact me for a password to a private page with my editing selects from feature films and other projects which can only be posted privately. I respond very quickly. Thank you.


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Editing Selects

I have attached a few selects from my portfolio in all media below. On all projects I worked as editor, with some allowing me to come on as producer and/or director. 



Producing (campaigns)


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Venice, Ca

alex (at) alexgans (dot) com